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Get Professional Help with Your LED Project

  Take the guesswork out of selecting the right product. Whether you are new to LED lighting and aren't sure whether a daylight white or warm white LED light bulb will look good in your light fixture, or if you are a seasoned professional with questions on a dimmable transformer or color controller, we can help. With very few exceptions (larger commercial LED lighting), we have the LED products you are viewing on hand and can walk you through every detail. We can discuss everything with you from mounting options for a troffer to dimming options for your installation, to selecting LED fixtures for landscape, under cabinet and display lighting.

  Should you be searching for something you do not see on our website, please let us know. There may be a good reason we don't carry a certain product type. If a type of LED product has failed our stringent pre-sale evaluation process, we will share that information with you. Some of the popular LED products offered today are quite flimsy and/or electrically unsound. In that case, we can make alternative suggestions to you. If it's simply a matter of low demand, we can surely try to source a LED product for you. Many items are available in other sizes, shapes and color temperature as well. Items like dimmable transformers can easily and quickly be special ordered in different input voltages and capacities.

  Lighting is our passion, and customer service is of the highest priority. Every member of our staff is committed to excellence as is management and business ownership. We make no distinction between orders large and small. You count.

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